Legendary singer-songwriter Big Rude Jake is back with a new album and a whole new perspective on life. Fans of this journeyman performer will remember him as a force to be reckoned with: a noted figure on the Canadian music scene with a presence around the world. An innovator, a deft craftsman of song and a powerful and compelling lyricist, Jake has been knocking audiences dead with his impassioned performances for 20 years.

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Big Rude Jake’s new release, Quicksand, explores contemporary twists on popular music forms from decades ago. Listeners will note a dramatic shift away from the “neo-swing” style that has characterized previous Big Rude Jake recordings in favour of a more general roots-oriented singer/song-writer approach. The overall sound of Quicksand is relaxed and contemplative. The musical arrangements often involve reduced instrumentation, with some tracks featuring Jake on guitar and vocals alone. With such a mellow touch added to these compelling and eclectic songs, Quicksand marks the end of the Swing Punk persona of yesteryear, and the emergence of a new thoughtfulness and maturity that comes to anyone on a long journey back home.

Armed with a new band, Jake is strongly focused on presenting the singer-songwriter side of his work over and above the nutty punk-inspired performer side. His new material will surely rekindle the country’s love of this powerful singer/songwriter, just as they were first inspired by his raucous antics a decade ago. Perhaps most importantly, Jake has returned to his roots. Quicksand features all original music, strongly rooted in Traditional Jazz, Gospel, Ragtime, Folk and Blues.

Welcome back, Jake.

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